Poster Boys

Yesterday Peter and I went to the McKnight Kauffer show at the Estorick Collection up in Cannonbury. Although I didn't know much about McKnight Kauffer, a lot of the pieces were very familiar. He was probably best known for his posters - for London Underground, Derry and Toms, and this - my favourite - for the Daily Herald. The poster is huge - well over 6 feet tall, and the composition is so strong. I love all that yellow, with the really graphic feeling of the movement in the birds. Perfect.

Upstairs in the permanent collection is a room full of etchings by Giorgio Morandi. Although I love Morandi's still life paintings I haven't seen the etchings before. They are so sensitive and beautifully observed. It is incredible how he conveys light and shadow with the weight and density of line - they feel very poetic. The Estorick is well worth a visit - it is a real treasure.

Eleanor Pritchard Studio