Kai Samuels-Davies

We have just hung two tiny oils by Kai Samuels-Davies in our little dining room. We first saw them on the Cold Store stand at Tent, and were both really taken with the sensitivity and quality of the marks.

"His portraits focus on moments of solitude and self-reflection. Cinematic themes often arise in his paintings giving them a sense of being fragments of a larger framework of thoughts." - the Cold Store

Kai is originally from New York, and now lives in Bodega Bay on the West Coast. His website has beautiful images of recent work, and also some very inspiring photos of his studio and environment - it seems a very long way away from East London!

The painting above is called 'Of the Unconscious'. I really like the dreamy far-away feel...

...although it was actually the little milk glass which first caught our eye - it's so perfect - like a tiny detail from a Dutch still life. 

'So Long As Nothing Happens (i)'

Eleanor Pritchard Studio