Victory Press

This year we have been working with Victory Press for our printed graphics. Near neighbours to us in Deptford; Victory Press is a small publisher, printer and design studio publishing limited edition artist books and print editions.

Elliott at Victory Press has designed us a pair of beautiful folded leaflets for the blankets and the upholstery range. The leaflets work with a set of different inserts for different currency price lists and so on. On the back of the inserts Elliott has designed and printed different patterns abstracted from our weave plans. It is so magical to see something as humdrum as a weave plan re-imagined as a beautiful repeat pattern.

The designs have been printed on a Risograph press, and the technique has a really lovely quality about it.

'Risograph printing is a vibrant and economical method of producing anything from books to artists prints. It sits in the realm somewhere between screen print and offset lithography but with a unique aesthetic. ' - Victory Press

Eleanor Pritchard Studio