Stationary Junkies

I am a self-confessed stationary junkie. Of course like any shopaholic I post-rationalize all my acquisitions - think how much less of a chore paperwork will be using pieces like these.

There seems to be something particularly apt about having new stationary for the new year - I guess it harks back to the 'beginning of term' feel - pencil case at the ready - pens filled and pencils sharpened.

These are two of my newest additions. The single hole punch at the bottom was a completely inspired Christmas present from Holly here in the studio - she knows me so well! The stapler above is from one of my favourite stationary shops - Choosing Keeping on Columbia Road just round the corner from where we live. 

I love the way they are so animated - beautiful aquatic creatures in their sea-coloured hammerite.

I also really like the packaging - the hole punch still has its original box with its lovely clean graphics. The stapler is a design from 1948 and the packaging looks little changed since then.

And on the subject of stationary here is our studio diary. The cover and binding were so pleasing that we happily opted for a German diary this year. We'll be fluent in our days of the week soon. Certainly glad it's Freitag.

Eleanor Pritchard Studio