Finishing Touches

We are sticklers for detail. All of our blankets are finished with a blanket stitch edging. We like the traditional unfussy feel - the clean functional look marries well with our aesthetic and approach.

We think that the stitching looks best when it is done in the same wool that the blanket is woven in. We don't want to add in a different fibre or texture for the stitching - it is a matter of keeping things looking clean and simple. 

Before we can start the stitching the yarn is wound into hanks for washing. We use this handsome old green hammerite hank-winder for this.

After washing the hanks are wound off an umberella swift back onto cones for the stitching.

Once all the winding and washing is done we are ready to stitch...

The blanket stitching is done on a specialist Singer machine. It is an old model from the 1950's or 60's and although it sounds like a tractor when it is running we think there is no machine to match it for the quality of the finish.

After the stitching is done the blankets are all checked and folded before the labels are sewn on. We add a swing tag and they are ready to ship.

Some of our blankets are sewn in the mill by Janet. Here in the studio most of our stitching is done by Catarina. 

Catarina is a very talented weaver and produces a beautiful collection of hand-woven scarves throws and cushions. You can see more about her work and studio practice on her website at

Photos: Kangan Arora, Alex Wallace and EP