" We Brits have pattern in our blood " - Lesley Jackson

New cups for the studio. I found these in Broadway Market on Saturday - made by a potter from Hamburg. Delicious colours.

At the risk of sounding all William Morrissey, it is all about using beautiful, considered, well-made objects in our everyday lives...

... And speaking of William Morris I was really thrilled to be included in Lesley Jackson's 'A Brief History of Pattern' for this month's Elle Decoration. Starting with pattern of the 1860's and running through to the Modern Eclecticism of today the article is a whistle stop tour through Arts and Crafts; Art Nouveau; Proto-Modernism; Art Deco; the Contemporary Movement; Op, Pop and Psychedelia; Reaction and Counter-reaction finishing with today's anything goes Modern Eclecticism which encompasses Orla Kiely's retro prints; Timerous Beasties' flamboyant incongruity; Margo Selby's 'signature multicoloured... dot-patterned fabrics'; and our pattern led designs blending tradition and modernity.

It was especially gratifying to be cited as I count Lesley Jackson among the very best design historians . And as she says - We Brits have pattern in our blood.