Here are Amber and Willem - recent additions to the Pelikan family and beautifully restored and re-upholstered in our Aerial fabrics.

Amber is in our Rowridge Fabric used B side up. Willem comes in two versions - the chair which is in the Totley A side and the sofa which is in the Totley B side.

Pelikan specialize in " ... midcentury sofas, day beds, bed setees, two seaters, chairs and more choice pieces, hand-picked for their design, form and function, in an ever changing collection..."

In their own words "... we get to know all our Pelikan furniture family - we only buy pieces we love. In our care each midcentury piece goes through a transformation, with its original spirit and splendour always retailed...We believe people want furniture with a bit of personality, classic design and great quality, the real thing , but updated, restored. Each finished piece is unique, a midcentury original. we never do the same thing twice..."

 Photos: Pelikan