Walead Beshty

Popped into the Curve Gallery at the Barbican this weekend and just caught the last day of the Walead Beshty cyanotyoe installation. It was made over the course of year and the installation follows this chronological movement from at his studio in LA at one end through to his residency in the Barbican at the other.

Lots of the objects are incredibly familiar whilst others are much more enigmatic. And the surfaces he uses adds another layre. I liked the instances where other found colour leaked through the indigo like the rusty orange above.

I also really liked the variety of the scale of the objects he captures - this step-ladder particularly caught my eye.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the show though is the scale of the installation as a whole - there are over 12,000 prints in the piece. Like some gigantic indigo denim patchwork.

Eleanor Pritchard Studio