Pumpernickel and Sourdough

This year we are launching two new designs woven with undyed British wool. Called Pumpernickel and Sourdough, we think they make a handsome wholesome pair.

The blankets are woven for us in Lancashire, and the yarn for both designs is made up from a blend of fleeces from three breeds - Suffolk Lowland, Welsh Mountain and Jacobs sheep.

These above are Welsh mountain sheep in the snow in their thick winter coats. It is the Welsh Mountain fleeces which give the darkest colours in the range - seen below in the mix for our new Pumpernickel design. We've paired it with a white on the reverse and a scarlet stitched edge.

The palest colours in the range are from the Suffolk lowland sheep with their white fleeces and black faces and legs. The painting here is of the prize-winning Suffolk Lowland sheep of the Marquis of Bristol.

On the right below is our new Sourdough design. As with the Pumpernickel we have paired it with a white reverse and this time we have added a stitched boarder in a tumeric yellow on the blanket. For the cushions we have used our Straw Yellow ground fabric as the backing for the Sourdough and the Petrol Green ground on the Pumpernickel.

second: Wild wool farm

fourth: wikigallery

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