Isokon Plus


I had a wonderful morning this week at the Isokon Plus workshop.

I really love working spaces - with all their particular sounds and smells.

These above are the Bodleian library chairs in the making. They were commissioned for the famous library in Oxford with the design by Barber Osgerby and the production by Isokon Plus. The chair is beautiful and distinctive - perfect for the Bodleian. I love the sinuous feel of the chair frames all stacked up - they feel like the spine and rib cage of a whale.

In the centre you can see the iconic Isokon plus Penguin donkey. I think these must be the original birch ply ones designed by Egon Riss in 1939. 

I find myself very drawn to the aesthetic of industrial machinery - the particular hammerite green above feels very familiar and I love it against the bright yellow and red.

In the centre above are sanding belts hanging up on long wall pegs.

Isokon Plus are a wonderful company with a fascinating history and we are really looking forward to working with them. You can see more about Isokon Plus on their website here.

Eleanor Pritchard