Half and Half


Our newest designs - Broadchalke and Charlock are woven in a mix of 50% wool and 50% linen. The warp is made in our familiar double-cloth structure, but one layer of wool is replaced with a layer of linen. 


The two fibres have quite different characteristics and the resulting fabrics develop interesting dynamic textures. Linen, which is a natural plant fibre has a dry papery texture and is quite inelastic. Wool, a natural animal fibre is by contrast quite soft and elastic. The difference between the fibres really becomes apparent when the fabric is finished and washed. The wool naturally contracts with finishing and the linen, which does not shrink, is left to ripple and buckle.


Our linen, which is grown in the traditional flax fields of northern France, Belgium and Holland is considerable finer that our wool and the difference in the weights of the two fibres further emphasizes the contrast between the layres.

Eleanor Pritchard