Abstract alignment


This year for LDF we are taking a much more abstract approach to showing our work.

Drawing inspiration from the Suprematists (stars of the RA Russia Revolution 1917-1932 exhibition earlier in the year)  - we have been playing with our own floating geometric shapes.

These three paintings below are all by Kazimir Malevich. I love the dynamic movement and the abstract shapes and colour.



We have also been looking at the simple geometric shapes in Ben Nicholson's beautifully spare Reliefs. I find his composition and proportions pitch perfect.



Alongside the shapes and colours, we've been playing with ideas of alignment - dynamic compositions which lock into visual alignment in a sweet spot and then splinter and drift apart as soon as the viewer moves.

I have always loved the Channel 4 logos first developed in the early 2000's which really played with these ideas. Magical fleeting moments of alignment.

These below are the shapes we're playing with. For the sense of alignment and composition you will have to come and see them installed at Design Junction.



Eleanor Pritchard