For a number of years now we have worked with Elliott Denny for our graphics, website, photography and identity.

His latest work for us has been a new graphic motif - see below left. The playful design is abstracted from our woven patterns and riso-printed on a deep teal paper sourced from a London paper co-operative.

Risograph printing is a pre-digital cost-effective mass-printing technique widely used in the late 1980's. It uses half-tone imagery and is based on a stencil duplicating technique. For single-colour images (like ours above) tones are built up with different densities of finely dotted grounds. For coloured images, each colour is applied as a different layre, with hues built up through over-laying. 



In the images above you can get a glimpse of Elliott Denny's print studio.

And below left is a taste of the new 'studio book' which is hot off the press later this week.


Eleanor Pritchard