Water towers of New York


We are just back from showing at NY Now in New York. 

We had a wonderful time - with such a warm reception. And it is always good to have a reason to re-visit this beautiful, dynamic city. 

As always, I found myself charmed by the roof-top water towers that perch on the pinnacles and edges of buildings. They have such a pleasing geometry - simple cone-topped cylinders perched like crow's nests above the city. Somehow they make the New York skyline seem much friendlier. 

Above are just a few of the towers that caught my eye

Rachel Whiteread - Water Tower.jpg

Many imaginations have been captivated by these towers.

In the image above is Rachel Whiteread's response to them. Commissioned by MOMA in 1998, the clear resin tower sits on the gallery roof. It has a wonderful ethereal quality - as though the skin of the tower has been peeled off leaving the viewer with a vision of the water it contains and the volume it describes. Beautiful.


Photo credits:
top - all by Eleanor Pritchard
bottom: The Telegraph
With thanks to Grant Braithwaite for the heads-up about Rachel Whiteread
Eleanor Pritchard