Theo - by Simon Pengelly


One of the stars of our spring shoot is the Theo chair by Simon Pengelly. You can see it below, sitting pretty with our new Lawn blanket.

Theo is a lightweight, stacking chair made with a bent-ply seat and back and a wooden frame. The version below is in oak and is without arms. It is an elegant, refined, quiet piece of design.


The Theo chair was designed by Simon Pengelly for Chorus for use in churches and cathedrals as a practical, contemporary alternative to traditional pews. The weight and flexibility of the chair were paramount - it is extremely light, stackable and can be linked side-to-side to form rows.

You can see the Theo chair in the images above and below, looking wonderfully well-placed in Norwich Cathedral. The warm honey-blond oak sits very comfortably in this beautiful context. In Simon’s own words…

As a material Wood embodies a timelessness that is more in keeping with the sense of permanence and history both old and new Churches possess. Churches are one of very few environments which connect the progression and passing of generations and there isn't another material that conveys this heritage in such a familiar, warm and friendly way.


Although originally designed for churches and cathedrals, the Theo chair is equally at home in a wide range of domestic and contract spaces. It is available in a range of colours and finishes, and the complete Theo range includes upholstered and arm chairs as well as a range of stools, benches and tables.

You can see more about Theo in Norwich Cathedral on Simon’s website here

And much more information, including a wonderful film about the production process here.

Photos: top and very bottom left - Elliott Denny

All other images - Simon Pengelly

Eleanor Pritchard