Postcards to Fallingwater


As part of my ongoing project for Fallingwater, I have been drawing a series of postcards which I am sending to Bear Run in the Appalachian Mountains in the post.


It is an obvious statement to make, but in a world before email, almost all of the communication at the time of the construction of the house was done by post - and there are wonderful letters dating throughout the history of the house in the Fallingwater archive. So it seems appropriate to me, that some of my ‘correspondence’ with Fallingwater is done in this way too.

Eleanor_Pritchard_postcard_to_Fallingwater_1 - kitchen with watering cans.jpg

My first postcards are details from the house - little compositions which caught my eye - photographed during my week at Fallingwater, and drawn later in the studio.

Above is a detail from the kitchen, of bright plastic house-plant watering cans waiting to be filled.

In the image below left is a detail of a beautiful curved brush which sits on by the heath in the master bedroom. The little basket to the right is one of the hundreds of vernacular objects in the house.

The image below is a quick sketch copy of a painting by Bauhaus master Lyonel Feininger which hangs in EKjr’s study.

Eleanor_Pritchard_postcard_to_Fallinwater_6 - After Lionel Feininger.jpg

And below are the wild grasses which cover the High Meadow up above the house.

The cards are all posted loose - without an envelope. There is something delightful about entrusting something fragile and delicate to the care of the UK and US postal services. I am looking forward to seeing them at the other end marked with the scars of their journey.

Eleanor Pritchard