Eleanor Pritchard

“I have always loved playing with colour and pattern. My work often has a mid-century quality and I feel a strong affinity for the aesthetics and design philosophy of this era. Alongside this runs a deep interest in vernacular British textiles and I see much of my work as a re-interpretation of these traditions and techniques for a contemporary audience.”

Holly Walker

Holly is the studio manager at Eleanor Pritchard. She first joined us in 2012 as a studio assistant, and over the years since has become Eleanor’s right hand man. Holly now manages all of the wholesale accounts, shipping and day-to-day running of the studio.


Sara Marty

Sara is a knit and crochet specialist with a well-honed understanding of yarn and construction. She works as a freelance knitwear designer and consultant. Sara joined our team as a part-time studio assistant in 2017. She now looks after all our internet and sample orders alongside cutting, stitching, packing and shipping.