Welsh Vernacular


Series of oak stools and benches by Mick Sheridan, upholstered in fabrics from the Aerial collection by Eleanor Pritchard.

Inspired by rural Welsh farmhouse furniture from the 1700’s onwards, the vernacular range is handmade in Carmarthenshire from locally sourced oak. The legs are spoke-shaved and ‘wedged’ by hand and the upholstery is handstitched to a piped edge.

The Pig Bench (100cm x 18cm x 52cm) is inspired by one in Mick’s local Carmarthanshire pub. Shown here in Totley (A side) and Ashkirk (B side)

The Fireside Stool (90cm x 28cm x 35cm) was traditionally used in a farmhouse to perch on whilst stoking the fire. Shown here in Totley (B side)

The Pembroke Milking Stool (35cm x 18cm x 45cm) is a three-legged stool with an irregular hexagonal seat. Shown here in Wharncliffe (A side) and Ashkirk (A side)